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Here below we post a list of
Papers already accepted for publication in Issue 2/2019 of HIDRAULICA.
The list displays paper title, author(s) and affiliation,
and also paper abstract.
Full-length paper will be available online only after publication.

  • Heavy Duty Machine Tools – Specific Pneumatic Drives
    Prof. PhD Eng. Anca BUCUREȘTEANU1, Prof. PhD Eng. Dan PRODAN1,
    Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng. Adrian MOTOMANCEA1

    1University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania

    This paper introduces some applications of the pneumatic drives for heavy duty machine tools. Only the machine pneumatic drives proper are presented, not their associated devices too. These applications are used for heavy duty machine tools like centre and vertical lathes, gantry type milling machines, boring and milling machines and horizontal boring and milling machines. The pneumatic systems presented hereby are an independent part of the machine since the manufacturing stage of this one or they have been attached to the machine during its remanufacturing. They are formed of typified elements mostly, supplied by specialized manufacturers.

  • Modeling the Equipment Shape of the Technological Flow of the Waste Water Treatment Station
    Prof. PhD.eng. Mariana PANAITESCU1, Prof. PhD.eng. Fănel-Viorel PANAITESCU1,
    PhD. Ileana-Irina PANAITESCU2

    1Constanta Maritime University, Romania
    2University of Maine, USA

    In order to choose the optimal shape of a device, in our case, of a centrifugal pump from the technological flow of a sewage treatment plant, we must find the optimal geometry of it that leads us to an energy efficiency, implicitly the operational cost. For this, we considered two pumps, one normal centrifuge and another with retractable rotor. After normal operating, it can be concluded that retractable rotor pumps have an 80% efficiency compared to normal 77%. Therefore, efficient running costs are lower for retractable rotor pumps, making them even more productive.

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